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We provide the following BVI Company Registration,
Set up and Company Formation Packages.

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  •  $1430 USD / 1st year *

  •   Company Registration
  •   Local Secretary Service
  •   Provision of Legal Address
  •   Company Stamps and Common Seal
  •   Bank Account Opening Introduction
  •   Certificate of Incumbency
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* The price is valid until April 15, 2022

BVI Company Incorporation Process

3 simple steps to setup a BVI company with us

Step 1: Pre-incorporation

We offer free consultation to help you
  • Think of your desire company name. (Specialists of Intercorp will check for the availability);
  • Plan and structure your company, i.e. office address, directors, shareholders, and shares capital. (Specialists of INTERCORP may provide you the planning and structural advice).

Step 2: Incorporation & Bank Account Application

Sign incorporation documents and information for company set up.
  • Contact INTERCORP! Specialists of Intercorp will advise you the required documents and information for BVI Company set up.
  • Company will be incorporated in 7 days, and the incorporation documents will be available upon incorporation;
  • Company chops and seal will be available after issuance of incorporation certificate;
  • At the same time, we will help you prepare a set of documents for bank account application;
  • You can submit your documents to the bank, after the company has been incorporated. Some may require video or in person interview.

Step 3: Post-incorporation

Let us take away your worries!
  • As your company secretary we will inform you about necessary compliance steps and guide you through
    the process; Filing your renewal of business license
  • Let us be more than your conventional service provider. We help you grow, scale, connect and succeed with our extensive range of business and marketing solutions;
  • Open Bank Account (Specialists of INTERCORP will advise and provide a wide range of choices for offshore banks).
  • Simple and fast to incorporate a company; 
  • Fewer requirements on corporate governance; 
  • Low setup and maintenance cost; 
  • Maximum confidentiality and anonymity; 
  • No tax levied BVI offshore company; 
  • No dividends, capital gains and royalty tax; 
  • No requirement on local company secretary; 
  • No requirement to file annual return; 
  • No requirement to file audit report.

Pros & Cons of setting up a BVI offshore company

  • BVI has a reputation as a “tax heaven”. Governmental organization would be more cautious on tax liabilities; 
  • More restrictive due diligence is required to set up; 
  • Trading activities require a trading license; 
  • Need to file annual report, financial/audit report; 
  • Not permitted to own real estate property.