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Seychelles is a group of Island located in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. There are 3 official languages in Seychelles, including Creole, English, and French. Yet, the main language used in government administration is English and all Seychelles laws are written in English. The currency is Seychelles Rupee. In 2008, Seychelles implemented policies to mandate floating exchange rate, and to remove foreign exchange controls.

The Seychelles international business companies (IBC) is the most popular business vehicle in Seychelles, which mainly use by corporations doing in business outside of Seychelles. The management of the IBC is usually located outside of Seychelles, and the IBC may not carry on business or own real estate in Seychelles. The Seychelles IBC is not subject to any tax on income or profit. It is also exempted from any stamp duties, or any tax duties related to shares transfer, debt obligations, or other securities.

Similar to many other offshore jurisdictions, confidentiality is the advantages of Seychelles IBC. The information of the company beneficial owners, directors and shareholders are not disclosed to the public. The Seychelles Registrar of Companies does not require any information about the actual beneficial owner of the company. This information is only known to the incorporation agent of the company and it is completely confidential.

Quick Overview

Location of JurisdictionSeychelles
Official LanguageCreole, English, and French
Type of Offshore CompanyInternational Business Company
Type of LawA Mix of French Civil law and English common Law
Language of DocumentsEnglish
Minimum Number of DirectorsOne. May be a person or a company.
Residence Required of DirectorsNo
Minimum Number of Shareholdersone
Minimum Number of Sharesone
Minimum Paid Up Share CapitalUSD $1.00
Recommended Share CapitalUSD$100 (other currencies are allowed)
Permitted Currenciesany

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