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It is usually the responsibility of the company secretary to make sure that a company is in good standing and make the necessary returns to the registrar and government. This requires a thorough knowledge of local company law and practice so it is strongly recommended that a locally based professional is appointed even if there is no strict legal requirement to do so.


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INTERCORP can take care of tax optimization for your company to ensure the most efficient performance.


Hong Kong profit tax is a flat rate of 16.5%. There is no tax on dividends, no VAT, and no tax on interest income in Hong Kong

If the company does not conduct any business activities in Hong Kong, and no profit arises in Hong Kong, it is possible to apply tax free in Hong Kong. The Inland Revenue Department will determine whether your profit is arising offshore. Generally, the considering factors are:

  • Whether the company has staff and office premise in Hong Kong
  • Whether the company signs contracts in Hong Kong
  • Whether Hong Kong is the invoicing place
  • Whether the company has any transactions with other Hong Kong company

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