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Legal Consultation

You may confront many legal questions or commercial difficulties when doing business in Hong Kong. Our professional team will help you to solve these problems and cope with your difficulties.

Our partnership network of law firms can also assist you in litigations or other legal areas.

Legal Representative

Doing business in Hong Kong may require you liaise with various government departments such as Inland Revenue Department, Companies Registry, or sometimes be represented in court.

Intercorp can be your legal representative in Hong Kong if you are not physically present here. Our team is highly experienced in working with the government departments in Hong Kong.

Trademark (Hong Kong and China)Trademark is a sign which is used to promote and identify goods and services of a particular source. It can be represented by words, logos, designs, letters, characters, numeral, smell, figurative elements, colors, sound, shapes, or any combination of the above.

China is infamous for issues with copyright, therefore trademark protection should be at the very basis of any business. We can help you register a trademark in China and Hong Kong. Once registered, your logos and intellectual property will be safe from being used by a third party.

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