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Company Setup in China

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Chinese Company Incorporation Process

3 simple steps to setup a Chinese Company with us

Step 1: Pre-incorporation

Choose your company between: Tailor-made or Ready-made Company
  • Think of your desire company name. (Specialists of Intercorp will check for the availability);
  • Decide where you want to incorporate a WOFE (which city, provinces);
  • Plan and structure your company, i.e. office address, directors, shareholders, and shares capital. (Specialists of INTERCORP may provide you the planning and structural advice).

Step 2 – Incorporation

Contact Intercorp!
Specialists of Intercorp will advise you the required documents and information for Chinese Company set up.
  • Contact Intercorp! Specialists of Intercorp will advise you the required documents and information, and lead you to provide such documents step by step. (Please be caution that setting up a WOFE requires a substantial amount of documents);
  • WOFE will usually take 3 months to 18 months to set up.

Step 3 – Post-incorporation

Let us take away your worries!
  • Obtain different kinds of business licenses. For example, general business licenses, state and local tax registration, foreign exchange registration, import/export license, organization code, etc;
  • Open Bank Account (Specialists of Intercorp will advise further information on the procedures on opening an account in Chinese bank).

  • China has the fastest GDP growing rate;
  • China is the largest manufacturing country;
  • WOFE is a separate legal entity with limited liability which can be 100% owned by a foreign national.
Pros & Cons of setting up a Chinese company
  • Expensive process, takes a long time (3 months to over 1 year);
  • Requires a large amount of different documents;
  • Requires a high minimum paid up capital (depends on the nature of business – usually RMB 0.5 million);
  • Doing business in PRC requires to obtain different types of license;
  • Government policies in different industries change rapidly.