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From year to year, the number of offshore companies, funds & trusts, being structured around the globe is multiplying. According to official statistics, more than 60% of funds circulating worldwide are kept in offshore accounts.

Offshore structures are absolutely legal tools with which you can optimize your business and tax payments. Corporations and individuals utilize offshore companies for various reasons: Manage Risks, Maintain Privacy, Avoid Bureaucracy, Reduce Tax Burden, Protect Assets, Reduce Costs, Enhance Assets, etc.

The reasons for going offshore also include: Access to International Tax Treaties, Security of Property Rights, Free Remittance of Capital and Profits, Enhanced Banking Privacy, Foreign Insurance Products, Political Stability, Availability of sophisticated Banking Facilities and Financial Instruments, Customs and Duty Exemptions.


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Nominee and Trustee ServicesOur Nominee Service will provide you with the privacy you need.

The major idea behind Nominee Service is to ensure the maximum degree of confidentiality and security. The purpose is to protect the identity of the customer, ensuing anonymity and maximum privacy. The Nominee Director or Shareholder appears in the corporate documents and protects the actual beneficial owner or director of the Company. Nominees are not entitled to manage the Company. If you need to act as a legal representative of the Company in your country the Power of Attorney is issued so you are fully authorized to run your Business. Our lawyers will advise you on how to keep your personal information off public records.

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